24. Juli: Shitfaced Mermaids & Lyngfarer Konzert und Küfa

Wir freuen uns, auf Zomia einen schönen Sommerabend mit Folkkonzerten, Kneipe, Feuertonne und Küfa zu verbringen.
Dafür kommen extraaa eingeflogen diese tollen MusikerInnen:

(Semi-fishy Wasted Freakfolk/ Groningen)
Shitfaced Mermaids is a live-band founded in 2013 in Groningen NL, members living in Norway, Sweden and Germany. They have played on festivals, in squatted places and cafés.
The Shitfaced mermaids are playing acoustic wasted fishy folk, with influences from balkan, country to metal.
With instruments like accordeon, musical saw, clarinet, home-made basjo, bouzouki, banjo, gitar, trombone and cajon .

(Moldy Folk/ Eastfold Norway)
Lyngfarer started in 2015 as the solo project of Norwegian punk musician Magnus Nymo (also known from REGN/Blackbird Raum). Since then Lyngfarer has seen travels and tours around Europe, Scandinavia and the United States. The bands latest album Dagen Kommer (due to be released 17.09.18) Adorns Magnus’s songwriting and musicianship with three singers from Norways Southeasternmost County Østfold. Knut – Oscar Nymo (Oslo Ess, FORK, OnklP og Slekta) Anna Karine Brække (Lucky Malice, Heksa) and Laurits Mosseby (Gøttemia, Laurits Mosseby Band). The result is a dense and layered album that would be as much at home in a fringy punk collection as as it would in the world of folk.

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